We proudly represent the following companies:


Wirco, Inc. – a leading manufacturer of heat, corrosion and wear resistant fabrications and castings. Product offerings include heat treat baskets, mesh liners, fixturing, furnace fans (new and rebuilt), water and air-cooled fan assemblies, furnace rolls, muffles, corrugated boxes, wrought and cast radiant tubes & retorts, and centrifugally cast tubing. Their state of the art manufacturing facilities allow for the production of a wide variety of high quality products.

United Process Controls – an alliance of five recognized companies within the heat treating industry fills the needs of their customers for industry-leading control solutions and provide easy-to-access support through a worldwide sales and services network. Member companies are Furnace Control Corporation, Atmosphere Engineering, Marathon Monitors, Inc., Waukee Engineering Company, Inc., and Process Electronic.

Tenaxol Technologies, Inc. – exclusive distributors of Dow UCON® polymer quenchants for the heat treat industry.   

South-Tek Systems  a leading manufact urer of nitrogen generation systems specifically designed for use within Heat Treating, Brazing, and Sintering processes. Nitrogen generators are installed at the point of process, increasing efficiency and cutting costs for industrial and manufacturing applications. 

Omega Castings, Inc. – one of the world's largest producers of high quality, cast-link conveyor belts and drive drums for industrial heat treating furnaces. 

Nitrex Metal  a key supplier of automated, turnkey heat treating systems for nitriding and nitrocarburizing applications.

Keystone Manufacturing  manufacturer of flat wire conveyor belting, Key-Turn radius belts, and standard and custom sprockets for flat wire belts. In addition, Keystone manufactures TruKey® Shafting, designed to provide the straightest, most accurate keyed shafting in the industry. 

INEX  specialty manufacturer of Composite Radiant Tubes (CRTs) used in all types of batch and continuous heat treat furnaces in commercial and captive heat treating shops. INEX tubes consist of silicon carbide in a silicon matrix, successfully overcoming the problems incurred with conventional tube materials. 

The Furnace Belt Company (FBC)  manufacturers of a broad range of round wire conveyor belt and flat wire conveyor belt used in high temperature conveying for industrial ovens and heat treat furnaces. 

C.I. Banker Wire  the premier manufacturer of pre-crimped woven and welded wire fabrics in North America. C.I Banker specializes in providing a wide variety of industries with cut-to-size material made exactly to the customer's specification.

ALD Vacuum Systems, Inc.  manufacturer of vacuum furnace equipment within the North American market. 


AFC-Holcroft  a global leader in the supply of atmosphere-based furnace systems is fully equipped to design, manufacture, ship, install and service all types of custom and standard heat treat systems including mesh belt, cast link, pusher, batch, endothermic generators, etc.